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Our mission at UJP is to provide an experience of learning through multi-sensory exploration, engaging with the kids, interactive sessions, and educational activities to prepare children for a bigger school.

School readiness refers to whether a child is ready to make an easy and successful transition into school. School readiness can be actively facilitated with a little forward planning to ensure that children regularly participate in activities that develop the appropriate skills required to help optimal learning when they start school. While many people think of academics (e.g. writing their name, counting to 10, knowing the colors) as the important school readiness skills, school readiness actually refers to a much broader range of skills. In addition to some academic basics, school readiness skills also include self care (independent toileting and opening lunch boxes), attention and concentration, physical skills (e.g. having the endurance to sit upright for an entire school day), emotional regulation, language skills, play and social skills.


UJP's curriculum is designed keeping in mind this objective. It integrates multi-sensory thematic instructions that follow four approaches: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile (VAKT). It helps children learn better if they are using more than one sense.

It is developed and taught by Mrs. Pooja Gupta (MS Mental Health Counselor, New York University) who has a teaching and counseling experience of 8+ yrs.





Our Team


Our dedicated team is experienced in education, child enrichment and developmental programs through various teaching techniques.   We follow what we like to call our CAP method; Customer service, Active engagement, and Purposeful interaction.  


Find more information on our a message from our director or to Join our Team!

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