Our mission at UJP is to provide an an experience of learning through multi-sensory exploration and engaging, interactive, and educational activities.  We are dedicated to keeping an active and growing resource of programs and services that inject education into play to create a quality, active, developmental-experience for children and their parents, available on a convenient schedule.

Each day is catered towards developmental growth and skill acquisition. We also have an activity center with indoor playspace designed to encourage learning through engaging and active play. Outside of school activities, we offer consistent and convenient playtimes that fit your schedule all in a creative space outfitted with dynamic open ended learning materials which promote innovation and self-expression.  Welcome to the Jungle! 





Our Team


Our dedicated team is experienced in education, child enrichment and developmental programs through various teaching techniques.   We follow what we like to call our CAP method; Customer service, Active engagement, and Purposeful interaction.  


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